Office Skunk 02


One of my co-worker was going to an EDM event and he wanted to dress up as a skunk for the event with this girlfriend. Thus he would wander into the design area and would pick our brains about possible construction. He later came to work with his apparatus and I was able to capture the moment on film.

Dallas Comic Show 2016
Video Review


Just a quick video review of a local comic book show.

Skyline Sector 5
Marketing Trends 2016


There was several goals behind this video. First off, it was right after the new year and  social media was abuzz about new trends for the upcoming year.
I thought this was a great opportunity to not only be topical, but to also showcase our sales team as forward thinking, innovate, and in-tuned with upcoming trends, not just current trends.
It also gave us an opportunity to discuss trends we wish out clients would avoid. It would put the thought into their heads; and it would allow us time to explain our reasoning outside of the environment of a client meeting.